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Peptide Eye Gel



Intense hydration for puffy eyes & dark circles. Antioxidants help protect against UV and environmental damage.

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Olive-derived sodium hyaluronate & calming herb infused rose & cucumber distillates provide an oil free base for soothing deep penetrating hydration of delicate eye tissue. A plant peptide with cecropia bark extract help reduce puffiness and dark circles. High in antioxidants, which protect from UV damage.

Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Living Earth Beauty


Sodium hyaluronate; Herb-infused *Rose distillate (*Aloe vera gel, *Life everlasting, *Gotu kola, *Gingko, *Chamomile, *Green tea, *Milk thistle seed, *Eyebright, *St Johns wort, Echinacea, *Shavegrass, *Lemon balm, *Lavender, *Butchers broom); Veg Glycerin; Soya peptides; Wheat peptides; *Buddleja ext; Cucumber distillate; *Cecropia bark ext; Aspen bark extract; Xanthan gum *Organic or Wildcrafted

Lightly apply gel around eye area alone or apply over Emerald Sun Hydrosol, Phyto-Infusion I/II and/or Ultra moisturizers..

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We love this soothing eye gel for being parents of young kids! Sometimes sleep can go by the wayside and this helps us look normal and refreshed! I also like to use this mixed with the darker mineral eye colors and apply as a liquid eyeliner! Great multi-use! I highly recommend shipping this one on ice in the warmer months. It's very sensitive to heat and tends to leak when exposed to warmer temps.