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Organic Henna Hair Dye

In the ever-ongoing effort to improve our products, we’ve made a big switch in the way we do henna hair dye.

What’s New?

Previously, our henna hair dye came as a pre-mixed combination of henna leaf powder, indigo leaf powder or cassia. We have discovered that by keeping the ingredients separate until the time of application we can achieve truer, more effective color results.

You may have already noticed that we made the switch from jars to bags in order to save plastic and reduce waste. Our henna will now be sold in separate bags of henna, indigo and cassia. You still buy your favorite color (Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Black, Light Blonde, or Neutral), but inside the pouch will be separated ingredients.

Additionally, Morrocco Method has moved the henna manufacturing process into their San Luis Obispo facility where they can hand mix the products and better control the quality of the henna.

So What Can I Expect?

Better color and longer-lasting results! For those of you who prefer our previous way of doing henna, simply mix the powders and do what you normally do. You’ll just be getting higher-quality henna hair dye in more economical packaging.

For those of you who are ready for the magic of our new henna, we’ve completely revamped our henna instructions so that you can be ready when it arrives.

Happy (Natural) Coloring!

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7 Item(s)