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Turning your traditional skin care routine into sacred beauty rituals will create space in your life to re-connect to your true self. Every day when you cleanse and moisturize your skin is an opportunity to give love and gratitude to this miraculous body that you are so lucky to live in! Simply adding loving thoughts, uplifting aromas, and honoring your glow will initiate divine ceremony in your otherwise simple skin care regimen. ZENZIVA represents the power within all of us to re-claim our natural beauty, restore balance and create bliss in our lives. Beginning a practice of self-care combined with the power of your self- love will IGNITE your inner radiance, and you will shine like the glorious sun!

About ZenZiva's Founder, Andrea

The discovery of two very ancient healing secrets has significantly impacted my life. Incorporating a daily practice of the powerful techniques of self-love and self-care has completely transformed my relationship with my mind and body. This practice has restored balance to my health and created complete wellness within my body for the first time since I was a child. At the age of six I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in every joint in my body. I was in a wheel chair, heavily medicated and in a constant shuttle from one doctor to the next for the duration of my childhood. In my early twenties I was still suffering from chronic pain, swelling and the severe side effects from the medications. This way of living made me question the traditional treatment of this disease, and sparked a personal crusade in me to discover a more natural approach to address the inflammation in my body.

Moving to the beautiful island of Maui allowed me to experiment with every healing modality you can imagine. I changed my diet and became dedicated to finding natural wellness through meditation, yoga, and practicing self-care and self-love. These additions along with the discovery of very pure essential oils are the harmonizing factors that brought my body back into a state of balance and homeostasis. Essential oils naturally detox your body of germs, bacteria, and toxins. Your body has the power to heal itself when you create the right conditions within it and I am living proof.

Eliminating the amount of toxins that enter your system through your skin care regimen should be one of your very first objectives. Your skin is the largest absorbing organ, a protective filtration system that literally mirrors back to you the condition of your internal health. Anything that you put on your skin, (sunscreen, makeup, body lotion) immediately penetrates and enters your blood stream. Any man-made chemicals or toxins are then distributed throughout your body. A healthy system will dispose of any waste it can, and will store any that it cannot.

I struggled with break outs and bad skin due to the amount of toxins that had accumulated in my system. I felt very self-conscious about my skin and was desperate for anything that would work. I would stare at the skin care isles for hours reading labels and debating on which new product I should try that would work. Desperate for help, I remembered the wise words of my great Aunt Gloria, who taught my sisters and I how to have healthy skin by creating “secret beauty potions” at her home. She used simple, natural ingredients in her concoctions, and I realize now this is where my original passion for alchemy was ignited! The feeling of helplessness I experienced that day in the store sparked a desire in me to create organic beauty treatments that actually do nurture and restore balance to your delicate skin. Using very pure essential oils allowed me to take homemade skin care to the next artisanal level because of their powerful skin healing components. Essential oils were the first tool that helped me bridge the gap between physical, spiritual, and emotional issues in my life. The understanding that EVERYTHING is interconnected, and that our emotions and thoughts directly affect our physical bodies will significantly impact your life. Any feelings of anger, frustration, fear and stress can definitely be the cause of breakouts as well as disease in the body. Essential oils of Lavender, Helichrysum, and Sandalwood not only helped me handle stress more effectively, but also soothed and calmed my irritated skin.

My mission is to inspire loving self-care rituals that will restore balance and create bliss in your life! Let us all rejoice in our individual beauty and celebrate our unique differences. Unleash your power and ignite your inner radiance through the lost art of conscious rituals. As humans we are meant to be thriving, zealous and with our passions set on fire. Ceremony in your skin care will create that space for you to connect to your true self and you will experience heaven on earth, the light within you!

**It is important to understand that addressing both the internal and external issues of your body/mind is the magical recipe that will restore your skin to its natural beauty. Carefully choosing what you eat, what you think, and what you use on your skin will have a dramatic effect on your inner and outer health. Be very sure that any essential oils that you use on your skin or internally are of the highest possible quality/ potency.



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