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We start with the sourcing of our raw materials, only choosing the highest quality, cleanest, purest and most unadulterated materials. We seek Organic Certifications whenever possible in the understanding that this standard pushes the bar higher for the level of quality and purity expected through the cultivation, harvesting, handling and packaging processes.

If an Organic Certification is not possible, all raw materials are sourced to be confirmed that they are cultivated without the use of any sort of synthetic chemical (insecticides, herbicides, larvicides, miticides synthetic / petroleum based fertilizer, etc), and is being cultivated and harvested as close to biodynamic and permaculture principles as possible.

All raw materials, once they are in the United States, are then subjected to an analysis done by a third party lab to test for over 250 adulterants, chemicals or fillers. This is done to ensure that the Organic Certifiers have done their job and that there has been nothing done to the materials after the fact, during transportation, manufacturing or packaging.

Then, once we are assured of the purity and quality of our raw materials, they are packaged under strict Organic guidelines. No fillers, binders, excipients, additives or anything else but the raw materials is ever used in the packaging of our products. Capsuled products are made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian / vegan, pullulan capsules. This is the standard for capsules as it is the best for inhibiting oxidation to the product and provides superior absorption of the product (some capsuled products float right through your body without being digested!). While all the ingredients in our encapsulated products are Certified Organic, the pullulan capsule is not (there is no such thing, yet, as a certified organic capsule), which sometimes inhibits us from putting the Certified Organic label on these products.

Our powdered products, like our fresh royal jelly and mushroom supplements, are always binder, excipient, preservative and additive free. They contain no starch, dairy, wheat, corn, soy or any other material other than what is stated on the label.


The longevity of the human being is analogous to the longevity of our environment. The ancient systems of healing and rejuvenation understood this on a deep and profound level. The environment both near and far is just as important, if not more so, than what we directly put into our bodies.


Our environment affects the food we grow, the air we breath, the water we drink and the homes we live in. The everyday actions and choices that people take culminate in both clean and polluted environments. One of our goals at Immortality Alchemy is to contribute to the former, that is, a clean healthy and abundant environment. In this, we have made choices to reflect our understanding of what this means. Living in a pristine environment is intricately tied to our impact on habitation, which is sustainable and in harmony with our surroundings, or not. Sustainability is the hallmark for whether entire civilizations thrive or collapse, and through this understanding, we choose to make our longevity supplements and products, from beginning to end, as fully sustainable as possible.


All of our products are packaged in light-resistant amber glass containers that are both recyclable and reusable. We always emphasize that everyone reuse our packaging until you find there is no more use for them. The label on each and every one of our products is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper with biodegradable, water soluble, non-toxic, vegetable based inks.


We ship our packages domestically via a partner who uses carbon offset credits to make up for any fuel-based carbon emissions. This is in addition to their using all recycled and biodegradable packaging material. They recycle all of their paper products and practice many other smaller methods of being ecologically sustainable, like donating a portion of all their revenues to forestry based non-profits. Immortality Alchemy donates a percentage of all sales towards the preservation of our environment, its inhabitants and creating educational programs to assist communities in integrating a more independent and sovereign way of life. It is in supporting the building of this structure through community based action that we envision a future that is sustainable and gives back to the people who have helped create and sustain us as a company.

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