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organic or wildcrafted, fresh & superior quality, living / raw, 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, bee-gan, actively sustainable & fair trade, Miron Violet Glass packaging, custom, earth loving, people loving

elää is a Finnish word meaning “to be alive.” While the Finnish word is pronounced “ellaaa,” here it is eeela or e-laa.

You are sacred. Everything that touches your body should honor that. elaa is about honoring You and helping you achieve your highest potential of bodily aliveness, health, and beauty.

Just like a hummingbird or butterfly transforms and thrives with vitality and beauty from the drink of plant nectars, so shall you. elaa products are made from living and highly active, transformational plant oils and extracts. With these precious nectars, you'll soon fly. Soar to your highest height of aliveness, health, and beauty.

Living Skin Care . Superfood Whole Foods Formulas . Essential Oil Blends . Healing Tea Formulas

With Elaa, you’ll find:

- Pure, Super Active Living Organic Skin Care and Body care for your most beautiful self.

- Pure, Super Active Living Organic Superfood Nutrition and Organic Essential Oil Blends for your most nourished self. Organic Raw Foods & Supplements. 

- Organic Herbal Tea Blends for your most healthy self.

elaa’s vision

We have been created with everything we need to thrive and reach our highest potential. When we care about ourselves, we want to thrive, not just survive.  The Earth has been created with all the resources and gifts we need not only to survive, but to thrive. When we live in celebration and harmony with Nature and it's bounty, we can truly thrive. Although we are much more than bodies, all things matter when it comes to how we treat ourselves, including the ways we care for our bodies. When we love ourselves, we care for ourselves and our bodies. We cherish ourselves in every way. One wonderful way to do this is to use caring products that are vital, beneficial, and lovingly harmonize with our bodies. Gifts from Nature that will help us. . . Soar.

organic or wildcrafted

Elaa products are made with Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients.

fresh. superior quality. lovingly handmade.

Elaa products are freshly handmade with love in micro batches or individually made-to-order. They are made from the highest quality ingredients possible.

living / raw

Raw Skincare. Elaa products are made from living organic ingredients that have never been heated above 115°. Therefore the products retain all of their life energy, enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. The only ingredient in the products that is ever heated above 115° is beeswax. This ingredient is only found in the lip products and some creams.

100% natural

Toxic & Synthetic Chemical Free, GMO Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Preservative Free, Emulsifier Free, Filler Free. So, what’s left? Only real, nature-based ingredients. Oils, Essential Oils, Whole Foods, Plant Extracts, and Natural Actives.


None of the ingredients in Elaa products nor Elaa products themselves have ever been tested on animals. 100% human loved and tested.

vegan & beegan

- 95% of Elaa products are 100% vegan. All Vegan products are marked as such.

- 5% of Elaa products are beegan (vegan + bee ingredients from beloved bee friends). Bee products have phenomenal benefits and bee products that are in our products are ethically and lovingly harvested.. Lip products and some creams contain Beeswax because it’s the most natural wax appropriate for creating these types of products. Bee Beauty contains Royal Jelly due to it’s incredibly skin beautifying properties.

- 1 Elaa product is not vegan. Thrive Cream (coming soon) contains infusions of: SurThrival Colostrum powder, Immortality Alchemy Royal Jelly Powder, and Pearl Powder. These are some of the most age-defying ingredients in existence. SurThrival Colostrum powder is caringly harvested from organically raised cows and only harvested after the newborn calves get their share of this “immune milk.”

gluten free

All Elaa products are 100% gluten free. Enjoy gluten free skincare!

actively sustainable & fair trade

Every ingredient used in elaa products can be replenished in 2-3 growing seasons. No exceptions. The ingredients used are also fair trade, meaning they help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that have a positive affect on their communities.

only the best packaging

Elaa products are packaged in Miron Violet Glass. Miron violet glass jars and Miron violet glass bottles are premier containers that preserve and add vitality and energy to the contents inside. Miron violet glass is biophotonic, meaning that electromagnetic waves of UVA and FAR infrared are able to penetrate through the glass and enhance the contents. Yet, Miron Violet glass completely blocks all harmful rays from the light spectrum of (with the exception of violet light). This unique combination allows for optimal protection against the aging process, thus considerably preserving and increasing the potency and aliveness of the beautiful botanicals.

Any products that are not in Miron Glass are packaged in glass (90% are in Miron Glass). Glass is eco-friendly, re-useable, and recyclable. No plastic!

earth loving

I do all that I can so that elaa’s operations are Earth friendly.

- Cardboard recycling: All cardboard is re-used, or compacted and recycled.

- Shipments are packed with either 100% post-consumer content recycled paper, dissolveable ‘corn’ peanuts, or recyclable ‘air bags’.

- Elaa is a paperless company, using internet-based technologies for bookkeeping, contracts, order tracking, and filing. The only paper we use is to print packing slips, and all incoming paper is shredded and recycled.

- Re-useable and Recyclable Glass packaging. 

- By using only pure, earth-based skin and body care you are preserving our delicate ecosystem because you are preventing chemicals from washing down your drains and entering our water supplies and our soil.

people loving

I care deeply. Elaa is an expression of my passion and is run with integrity, honesty, accountability, and love. I seek to deliver exceptional quality and value in the products I create and offer.


Elaa is based in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

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