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You can rest assured that the blue-green algae, spirulina and other ingredients in Infinity Greens superfood products come from the finest producers in the world. I have researched and tested these products personally, to make sure they are the very best.

For example, our certified vegan spirulina comes from a small operation in Hawaii that produces modest batches under the most hygienic conditions. They are the only certified vegan producer of this important superfood ingredient. All other spirulina is fertilized with fermented bat guano – yuck!

Our blue-green algae is provided by the small company E3, which harvests only at the most opportune times of the year. They also produce in small batches, culled from the deepest areas of Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Our other exotic superfoods are harvested from the most pristine places in world, including Goji berries from the Himalayas, Mangosteen from Southeast Asia, and Maca root from the high Andes region of Peru.

We only work with suppliers that utilize ecological, sustainable and fair trade practices. This commitment to superior ingredients and equitable business dealings is critical to the quality and effectiveness of our unique formula. You can rely on the fact that every superfood ingredient we use is produced by the very best, and is 100% organic, wild crafted, raw, and vegan.

Billy's Formula

Billy’s Greens is an algae-based, grass-free formula! Why don’t we use grass in Billy’s Greens? While grasses are indeed nutritious, they can be difficult to digest, especially for those with gluten sensitivity. Organic spirulina, blue-green Klamath algae, and chlorella are known to be nutritionally far superior and much more effective superfoods. They are also supremely easy for the body to digest.

Health Benefits

Does this green superfood formula replace the need for multivitamins? Yes, absolutely! The variety and volumes of the different superfoods used in our products is chosen with precision and utmost care. Our blue-green algae and spirulina-based formula blends together the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes available anywhere. This ensures that you receive everything you need nutritionally.

It is important to remember that multivitamins are synthetically produced, meaning they have been crafted by recreating the various molecular structures of nutrients on a chemical level. But since the body will only absorb 10% of synthetic nutrients under the best circumstances (thus explaining the strange color of one’s urine after taking multivitamins), this puts the kidneys under an extra strain to filter out simulated “nutrients” that your system doesn’t recognize.

We believe that Mother Nature ultimately provides the best nutrition. That’s why every nutrient in our superfood formula is easily-recognized and absorbed by the body — 100%.

* this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

Facilities & Packaging

Infinity Greens’ superfood ingredients are always dehydrated at low temperatures to maintain full nutritional potency and are then pulverized into powder for bottling or encapsulation. We maintain the most stringent practices to make only the most hygienic products for our customers.

Our organic superfood powder formula is packaged and secured in none other than an amber glass bottle and metal lid, to maintain full potency and protection of the blue green algae-based contents. The major flaw of plastic is that it’s a petroleum product, and as such it will leak some contamination into the product. Plastic also allows for slow transfer of oxygen into the package, which then oxidizes (breaks down) the foods in the container and negates some or all of the potency and effectiveness. This is especially true of probiotics, one of the most important superfood ingredients!

For Billy’s Infinity Greens products, we use cutting-edge bottling technology to create a totally oxygen-free environment, preserving the full potency and integrity of our superfoods.

Improving the Formula

One of the best things about our superfood formula is that it continually evolves, changes and improves. Each time you order this spirulina and blue-green algae-based formula, you may notice a slight variation in the flavor. The reason is that thus far, each time I mix up a new batch (every couple of months) I tweak the formula to get the taste and effectiveness just right. The potent herbs and superfoods we use can have a bitter or unpleasant taste associated with their use, and fine tuning the percentages of the different elements to get it just right can be a real science! However, you can count on each batch of our superfood formula to contain the same essential blend of raw, organic, wild-crafted, vegan ingredients that you are used to and enjoy.

Recommended Usage

I recommend beginning with a heaping teaspoon of the powder (or 5 capsules) in the morning. Mix with pure water, fruit juice, or a smoothie, and over a period of two months, gradually increase your intake to four heaping teaspoons per serving (20 capsules) as desired. Whether you are wanting a morning energy shake, an afternoon pick-me-up drink, or a meal replacement treat, any time can be the right time to drink Infinity Greens superfood.

Feel free to spread your servings out through the day if you like. This spirulina and blue-green algae-based formula detoxifies the body, so starting slow generally feels the best. You can find more information about the different properties of the formula in the About These Superfoods area of this website. And please view the recipes page for tasty ways to enjoy your greens!

About Billy

Health, with an emphasis on nutrition, has always been a passion for Billy Merritt. Following the completion of his degree in Wilderness Education, his active lifestyle has reflected his commitment to health over the last 17 years. He has since explored the intricate link between health and nature with independent studies involving 30+ day treks through Nepal, India, Africa, Alaska, Thailand, Mexico, and the Amazon.

This journey of his edification was not paved without challenges. Years ago, Billy suffered a major falling out with his health from brain lesions caused by a head trauma. Consequently, he began having seizures and inhibited blood flow to his arms and hands. His determination to recover his health naturally led him to further pursue the healing power of nature’s medicinal Superfoods. For 17 years now, he has worked diligently on precision-tuning his blue-green algae-based superfood nutrition formula, Infinity Greens – a powerful tool for both his own recovery and for the health and well-being of thousands of people all over the world.

Over the years with his wealth of knowledge gleaned from his experiences, he has led detox/weight-loss courses at the Sanctuary Health Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand and the Nutrition program at the world-renowned Ashram health retreat in Malibu, CA. Billy has since continued expanding his prowess and love of educating others by lecturing and speaking at health conventions worldwide. Putting your health first, Billy is committed to continuing his quest to educate himself and the rest of the world with the purpose of global well-being!

In his off-time, Billy has been known to serve as an EMT climber for Yosemite Search and Rescue, a rock climbing guide in Joshua Tree National Park, and as a guide for wilderness survival courses in the Colorado Rockies. Billy currently resides in Topanga, California and Flagstaff, Arizona.

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