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Ascended Health is about creating effective, all natural organic products that will help our bodies heal themselves. These products are based on the belief that high vibrational energy imprinted on the ingredients help faciliatate putting you in a higher vibrational state.

Our products are not engineered or synthetically made. They are simply novel combinations of well known, but under-utilized botanicals, minerals and herbs offered in the marketplace. We start from scratch - by researching the scientific literature and the teachings of indigenous cultures, and then improving on what has worked.

Ascended Health is a small church-based company administered out of California. Our trans-denominational, health education church has a foundational belief of living life free of unnatural substances and of practicing health care based on natural laws of healing.

It is our belief that God and Universal Source has given us all we need to heal ourselves right here on earth. Our products are no different than others offered in the market place, except we put healing vibrations into ours. We are very conscious of the intentions we are holding at every step of the process of mixing our recipes. From inception to mixing to packaging, we put our healing intentions into the product. The vibrations we place into the product is so important, we even put them on our labels. Each product comes with sacred geometry embedded in the label.

All products at Ascended Health are from completely natural, wildcrafted, and organic sources. Absolutely no animals are used for testing, just us and our friends (who volunteer!). We all completely believe in our products and use them everyday. In fact, we will not put out any product unless we are absolutely certain of its efficacy and safety, and have personally witnessed results in a variety of people. Our products are comprised of a mixture of dietary supplements and botanical extracts formulated in a unique way and imprinted with conscious, vibrational frequency.

As combinations of natural substances, you may be allergic to them or otherwise develop an adverse reaction to them. If so, we apologize in advance. Again, we are not here to take your money, we are here to offer products that we feel help our bodies heal themselves naturally.



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4 Item(s)